What is the concierge service?

Flow IV Drips understands that patients are often looking for IV hydration while staying within the comfort of their homes.

So, we offer a concierge service that allows patients to receive care at home. Additionally, our concierge team can also come to your hotel, offices, or anywhere else you want. We understand that patients want to receive care while staying within the comfort of their preferred environments. So, our concierge service allows them to receive optimal care while staying in their preferred locations.

Registered, licensed, and professional concierge team

The concierge team at Flow IV Drips is professional. We understand that patients want to be dealt with through medical staff that is competent. Our nurses are registered and licensed. So, they know their job perfectly well and can administer drips without causing any significant pain.

So, your care is being done by a friendly and qualified team. You will keep coming back to us for an instant boost of hydration and strength with IV hydration.

Luxury service to give you energy and strength

Dealing with a lack of energy can be tiring for many people. It can hinder them in performing day-to-day tasks. So, anything that helps with restoring and regaining strength is welcomed by them. At Flow IV Drips, we provide luxury concierge treatments to patients at their places to boost their strength and immunity.

Our vitamin drips work quickly and effectively. They work quickly and enter the bloodstream to fill in the gap and provide the required nutrients. So, it allows patients to regain their energy, get rid of lethargy, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Why Choose Our Concierge Service?

Get access to efficient and well-reputed Concierge Service

Are you looking for a concierge service that is efficient and well-reputed? Look no further as Flow IV drips have the most reputed and well-established IV vitamin infusion concierge programs for their patients. We assist patients while they stay within the confines of their homes.

Our concierge program also includes pre-assessments of the patients to have their up-to-date medical records and latest blood work. Next, our team evaluates their current history to evaluate the right amount of vitamin infusion for each patient.

Infusion Services

Vitamin Infusion

This is a fresh method to introducing Vitamin Infusion at once in your bloodstream through an intravenous manner. Vitamins in bags get injected into your vein which allows your frame to absorb necessary nutrients quicker than orally fed on nutrients.

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IV Hydration

Drinking fluids is really not an efficient way to stave off dehydration. When you drink from a water bottle after a exercising the tissues on your throat and alongside your digestive tract take in most of the liquid. But, all the tissues for your body.

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