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Do you think you’re not performing at your optimal? Is your health impacted due to cold, fatigue, lethargy, or travel? Flow IV Drips are here to facilitate your health. The idea to use IV drips for health treatment came to our founder. We decided to make IV Drips accessible to the public after success and health benefits were experienced in private.


Our mission is to allow everyone to lead a healthy and fulfilling life by enjoying the benefits associated with IV hydration.

Medical science today is dedicated to bringing the most advanced health care to patients. Our company is working in the right direction to make healthcare accessible and beneficial. We are here to teach you the multiple benefits associated with IV hydration. Subsequently, we will also guide you in learning more about vitamin infusions and the multiple ways they can be helpful.



We work with the vision to make healthcare and the benefits of IV hydration accessible to all.

How do we work?

Frequently asked questions

1Are there any side effects associated with the administration of IV drips?
IV Drip is filled with antioxidants, minerals, electrolytes, and Vitamins. So, the drip is there to fill the gap of nutrients your body is lacking. Hence, there are no side effects associated with the drip. Additionally, it is safe for all people and is used as a hydration option to help people cope with illnesses. However, in some cases, people might experience discomfort ranging from mild bruising to redness, itching, and inflammation. However, it is extremely rare for patients to experience severe allergic reactions.
2Are these drips useful for people dealing with chronic illnesses?
People drip with chronic illnesses already have a hard time as keeping the disease under control can be tough. So, these hydration drips are a great option to help people who are undergoing treatment for chronic illnesses.
3How do these drips work?
Our Iv drips are fast acting, and they can be administered at the clinic as well as via concierge service. The typical time duration for the administration of one drip is around 45 minutes.
4Is there any pre-administration process for the Flow IV Drips?
Our team follows strict protocol with IV administration. We do a complete assessment as well as blood work of the patient before deciding upon the dose of hydration drips. Subsequently, it allows us to treat each patient individually and give them the right dosage as per their need.
5How often can I get an IV treatment?
The answer varies from patient to patient. No one fixed formula is used to administer these drips to patients. We like to assess patients and do follow-up assessments to treat them with IV hydration.
6Does getting the IV treatment hurt?
Many patients are afraid of needles and their tolerance level of pain also varies. However, our staff at Flow IV Drips Is competent, registered, and professional. So, you can count on us to administer the drip without causing you any significant pain. Our registered nurses also offer numbing spray and lidocaine to make the process smooth and pain-free.
7Do you accept payment through cards?
We accept credit cards and debit cards as the payment mode. Furthermore, we also accept American Express cards as well.
8What is IV Therapy?
It is a fast and effective method that is used to administer the blood with the required minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and electrolytes. It is an effective method to give a boost to the body and immune system with the right amount of nutrients.
9Do you offer group discounts for patients?
We offer discounts when people come into groups of 5 or more.

Core Competencies

  • Maintain good connection with medical team regards care coordinating. Medical team should include physicians and healthcare providers.
  • Making of IV ingrain in accordance with clinical mores.
  • Commencing IVs and watching patients during the process.
  • Keeping original and precise records of patients.
  • Giving precise patient directives and education regarding infusion etiquettes.
  • Keeping a marshal medical and IV supplies including inventory management.
  • Making such a hygienic environment which fulfills protocols of professionalism.
  • Carrying a well settled, secure, and hygienic place for work.

Core Values

It helps in understanding each other and our culture in a way that it is shown in the way shape our service. We have high aims of successful treatments and trust from our clients.

Core Competencies

Knowledge and Experience

Our team of highly credential are among the top service providers in the field ,having great experience in providing infusion services, training and education not only to our clients, but also to their families and caregivers on the safe measure of infusion drugs.

Accessibility and Affordability

Our team has a diverse nature of communication with clients ,physicians, hospital discharge planners, health plans, home infusion pharmacies, and home health establishments to ensure our customers low priced and quality imbuing services. We have had the privilege to provide better services to our clients and their families ultimately this has provided us the opportunity to grow, maintain and trusted relationships for generations.

Dependability and Reliability

Our crew offers reliable, expedient and consistent infusion services to clients which is user friendly in fact Taylor made offering spectrum of services whether at home or any other desired proximity.

Compassion and Empathy

Our infusion facilities are aligned-around providing our clients with wide-ranging made-to-order and caring high-quality services that they can use them at ease everywhere they want.

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